The PLL uses the same “Direct Force Feedback System” architecture for
force control that was first applied during the development of the original POWERLOADER. Within this architecture, the force magnitude and direction exerted by each foot is measured using the pedal attached 6-axis force sensors allowing the robot to follow naturally the motion of the operator legs and producing an augmentation of leg strength. According to current specifications, this augmentations can go up to 40kgf (around 400N)
Furthermore, the PLL has been designed to be able to be improved by the users so its software and hardware can be freely customized.

The official price of the PLL for Research (basic control software included) is 18 million yen (before tax). However, Activelink is offering an incentive of 9 million yen as part of our “Powerloader R&D Promotion Program” for clients who agree to open their research findings within a year of purchase and publish or present reproducible results within 3 years. With this program, the PLL can be purchased by 9 million 9 thousand yen (with taxes).
Other options and color of the equipment can be requested as well.